My story is woven with the threads of the Mediterranean. I was born in the picturesque village of Xàbia, where I grew up surrounded by traditions and serene nature. However, my restless spirit led me to live in various countries such as Norway, Tanzania, Costa Rica, Saint Martin, Mexico, the United States, and Brazil.

Each place provided me with a unique perspective on femininity within different cultures. This sensitivity became the core of my art. Currently, I live in Rio de Janeiro, where I feel complete freedom and can explore my creativity, dedicating myself entirely to my passion: painting.

My work delves into the complexities of the feminine world, questioning and exploring the meaning of being a woman. I challenge conventional definitions of femininity, breaking away from gender roles that have limited women for so long. I question cultural boundaries, asking whether being a woman is something universal or shaped by culture. Who defines what it means to be a woman? Can a woman truly feel free even when society tries to define her roles?

My goal is to liberate women from external expectations and definitions, allowing them to be free and authentic. I create spaces for inclusion and dialogue about diverse gender identities. I explore issues related to feminine identity, recognizing everything from cisgender women to transgender women. Through my work, I aim to promote an inclusive society that acknowledges and celebrates feminine diversity in all its forms.

My art is a connection with Mother Earth. I use clay, natural pigments, charcoal, and raw linen that come from the earth, representing feminine nature and the connection with it. It brings to life the sensitivity and identity of these elements.

Nature provides what the synthetic never could. The texture, colors, and properties of natural materials bring a sense of authenticity to artworks, creating a richer sensory experience. Furthermore, these natural materials evoke a sense of calmness and beauty, with unique patterns.

My approach conveys the utmost simplicity and elegance, discarding the artificial and bringing forth the pure and romantic essence of these materials.